Seattle Humane

  • Wild night in? Animal people can.
    By jumping on board, you’ll not only improve the lives of thousands of dogs, cats, and critters. You’ll join a region-wide celebration of the weird, wonderful love and devotion we share with our pets. Let’s show Puget Sound what animal people can do. Together, we’ve got this.
  • Keep it real? Animal people can.
    Animal people—you know who you are. Trusted sidekicks. Devoted companions. Can-do champions of four-legged friends everywhere.Rally with us as we build something amazing.
  • Be fierce? Animal people can.
    We’re always asking—what can we do to save even more lives? In the spring of 2016, Seattle Humane is breaking ground on something truly remarkable—a first-in-the-region adoption center, teaching hospital, and animal shelter that will allow us to save more animals and find each of them a loving family.
  • Write it in stone. Animal people can.
    When you reserve a personalized brick or paver at our new facility, you’re doing more than just helping us save 10,000 lives. You’re celebrating, honoring or memorializing all the ways furry friends make life better.

Animal people stories

What makes you an animal person? Do you notice the adorable dog long before you notice the adorable dog walker? Do you roast your cat a turkey every Sunday so he dines in style? Maybe it’s a story about the moment you fell for your cat or dog (or about the moment they chose you).

  • “Karma is my #1 girl. There’s no better way to spend a weekend than with her at the park, swimming, playing fetch or just binging on reality T.V. I adopted Karma as a pup and as a first-time dog owner, so some pillows were sacrificed in the making of our friendship but I wouldn’t change a thing. Karma is turning 10 years old soon and we’re celebrating with all of her favorite things – tennis balls, stuffed toys and doggie ice cream! Why? Because she has definitely given more to me than I could ever give in return.”– Jenna

  • “ ‘We are just going to look, really quick,’ my sister said as we entered Seattle Humane for the fourth time in a month. I will always remember the first time I saw her. My sister and I looked at each other and without saying a word, we knew we had found the one. ‘So much for just looking,’ my sister joked. Although she chose us, she still had one final test. Would she love my son? She walked up to him, put her paws on his legs, and gave him the gentlest little kiss. She chose us. I cannot thank you enough for the joy and happiness that you have brought into our home. Rescue dogs are not broken – they just need a fresh start. Her name is Gabby now, and we will love her all the days of her life.”– Anna

  • “You might recognize me from the ‘Animal People Can’ campaign photo, yawning in bed with my cat Pearl. But what you may not know is that the experience inspired me to adopt a second cat from Seattle Humane’s Catapalooza! I knew Chip was the one the minute I held him. He’s been the perfect addition to the family and is head over heels in love with his big sister Pearl.”– Devin

  • “I wanted to follow-up on my adoption of Monsoon, a kitten from a MaxMobile event at Starbucks. I wanted to share some photos, and let you know how well he has settled in…extremely well the first day really! I have three dogs and his confidence and personality works great with them. He is such a great kitty and I’m so very impressed with him…and so is my vet! I could not have picked better. In particular, Tilly, my 3-year-old Border Collie, and Monsoon get along very well and have become play buddies!”– Tracy

  • “I wanted to give my deepest thanks to Seattle Humane for uniting me with the most wonderful dog there is–Chewbacca! Time has flown, it’s been about nine months since I brought my little wookie home. As he’s gotten comfortable with people and socialized with other dogs, he has finally let his full and amazing personality shine through. All he wants in his little dog life is to sunbathe in a cuddle puddle with my cats and have endless belly rubs (with some squeaky toy activities mixed in, of course). I’m so happy that fate has brought us together. He is the perfect Chewbacca to my Han Solo. I can’t imagine life without him! Thanks again for all you guys do!”– Julia

  • “We’ve always had a love for pets, but our family has continued to grow over the years and they’ve grown to become such a huge part of our world. Remi, Ru and Lu are the loves of our lives! No matter where we go or what we’re doing, our babies come with us. Throughout the day they will be by our side, and that continues on throughout the night. We thought that by buying a King sized bed we might be able to gain more room for sleep, but the little 10 pound dogs and the lab still manage to take up the entire bed – and we wouldn’t change a thing about it! Some might say they’re spoiled, but we just say they’re all very well loved!”– Megan

  • “To me, an animal person can look past qualities that separate animals from one another and follow their heart. With Jazmine, that is precisely what my family and I did. As soon as I saw her, I knew she was the one. My heart instantly fell for the smallest puppy of the group who was getting pushed out of the way by the others during feeding time. My instinct was to instantly help this little puppy out because she seemed to be the odd one out. I figured, what better way to help than to adopt her as my own? Animal people can make a difference, and 10 years ago I did just that. Dedicated to my sweetheart Jazmine; we will always love you.”– Brianna

  • “Had a love for animals since I was a little kid. I remember going to friend’s houses and parents saying their pets never responded so well to a stranger until me. I’ve had my collection of reptiles and will always be a reptile guy but I would be lying if I said I didn’t love my feline pals.”-Kevin
    Pierre-Louise, Seahawks LB #58

  • “Dear Cairo the kat, your fierce beauty requires no filter… I am so grateful for all the love you bring to our home. I never knew I wanted a cat until Macklemore brought you home. You remind me of my happiest childhood days, hot summer afternoons in the garden with a plot of silver catnip. You slow me down and take me back. Excited for you to be everything to Sloane. Thanks for babysitting while I’m in the shower and not leaving my side when I’m sick… You are better than Taylor Swift’s cat.”-Tricia Davis