What we’re doing

We’re in the midst of a $30 million fundraising campaign to build a first-in-the-region animal shelter, adoption center, and teaching hospital. This new facility will replace our aging shelter facilities on Seattle’s Eastside, which currently limit our capacity to save more animals and place them into loving homes. Though we’ve raised enough money to break ground in spring of 2016, we’re looking to animal people throughout the Puget Sound to help push us to our goal. Your generosity means we can finish this exciting project and help change the lives of thousands of animals throughout our state.

Why it’s needed

Our vision is simple—we want every pet to have the chance for a loving lifetime home and for all animal people to welcome lifetime pets into their families. Seattle Humane’s 98 percent life-saving rate is among the best in the nation, yet we’re held back by an aging, space-constrained facility and a demand for veterinary care that outstrips our current capacity.

On our way

Check back often and see how the generous support of animal people like you is pushing us closer to our goal of raising $30 million.

Why it matters

A new facility will change the way Seattle Humane delivers on our promise. And the benefits to animals and animal people are clear. We’ll save more lives. We’ll reduce the number of homeless and unwanted pets. And we’ll reduce kill rates across the state. Most importantly, we’ll strengthen families—by finding the right home for each and every pet and by helping to keep people and their pets together for the long haul.

Who’s behind this project

Patty Barrier, Kaycee Krysty & Daryl Russinovich


  • Janette Adamucci
  • Patty Barrier
  • Elaine Coles
  • Gene Colin
  • Kathy Connors
  • Chris Falco
  • Annette Jacobs
  • Shaheed Khan
  • Kaycee Krysty
  • James Linardos
  • Gina Meyers
  • Daryl Russinovich
  • Sam Smith
  • Bonnie Towne
  • Scott Wasner
  • John Wenstrup


  • Janette Adamucci
  • Chris Bayless
  • Marie Boding
  • Gretchen Dowling
  • Becky Evans
  • Eric Flattery
  • Debi Giannola
  • Debbi Gillotti
  • Kristin Huml
  • Natalie Lamberjack
  • Kevin Moser
  • Michele Peltonen
  • Pete Segall
  • Lynda Silsbee
  • Stephanie True